Juli 2016


Wir haben Post aus der Schweiz bekommen. Aus dem kleinen Hugo ist mittlerweilen ein richtig großer Pepe geworden.



Dear all,

It is now over a year since we have Pepe with us and i wanted to give you an update.

The short version: he is wonderfull!!

He loves every human and (most) humans love him. Sometimes when we walk with him through the city, complete strangers ask us if they can take a picture or a selfie with him and we often hear the sentence: "i have never seen such a big dog" or "i have never seen such a beautifull dog".

He has now more than 50 kilos and is still very slim and athletic. We do dog-school every week and also there he is the star. Furthermore we have a dog walker twice a week for the days when me and my wife can not do the big walk with him from noohn to 2.

With other dogs he is normaly very very friendly and playfulll but (i guess as amongst us humans) there are a few dogs he hates. We have not figured out why and what the trigger is but we are working on this.

He and our little boy (he is 2 years now) are best buddies and and it is amazing how nice they play with each other. When our baby wakes up in the morning, his first word usually is "PEPE"! Pepe then appears and does the morning washing by licking him from head to toe.

His stomach problem is fully under controll. We had to change the food a few times and have now found the food which does not cause and problems and diarrhea anymore.

Since about two mothns we also have 3 chicken in our garden. We let them out of their "house" to tun around in the garden. The first few days, Pepe was planing to have them for dinner. Now he lays in the middle of the garden and chicken running around him without any problem.

To give you an idea on how big he is now, i attach 2 fotos. the first one was taken the day after i brought him from spain. The second one last month. He still loves that chair and we are always laughing so hard when he is trying to fit into it. i am sure he thinks: "Why is this chair getting smaller every day?"

I hope you are well and that summer is not too bad for you and the animals.

Thanks again for letting us have Pepe and wish you all the best, Clive

Wie doch die Zeit vergeht. Da ist es wirklich schon wieder ein Jahr her, dass der kleine Racker die Perrera verlassen konnte.

Nur blöd, dass der Sessel nicht mitgewachsen ist.

Weiterhin alles Gute.

Das sind die Bilder, mit denen Huge die Herzen seiner Familie eroberte.


Sein neues Leben konnte der Huge sofort genießen, gab es hier doch jede Menge zu entdecken, jede Menge Streicheleinheiten und jede Menge gemütliche Plätzchen.

Und Hugo wuchs und wuchs und wuchs ......

Das zweibeinige Baby musste erstmal genau untersuchen, worum es sich bei diesem getupften Typen handelte und warum der so viel schneller wächst als es selbst.

Dezember 2015


Diese Mail haben wir von Pepes Familie bekommen. Sie ist in englisch geschrieben, da sie auch an Mada gegangen ist. Wenn jemand keine Idee vom Inhalt hat, bitte melden, dann helfen wir gerne weiter.


Dear Mada, Dear Miss Behrendt,

It has been 5 months now that we have Hugo with us and i thought it is time to give you an update of his new life.

First new information (which i did not mention in my last mail): We had to rename Hugo. Hugo is just not matching the look and character of the little one. As he is from Spain and his look is like the english term "salt & pepper", we decided to call him pepper, but the spanish version: PEPE.

He has grown from 17 kilos when we got him to 38 kilos (this means nearly 1 kilo per week!!!). he is still very slim and super healthy. I cant remember it i told you in my last mail: we did a Gen-test to find out what mix he is. The results are as follows: 50% great dane (Deutsche Dogge), 25% Galgo, 25% boarder Collie.


He is the funniest and best dog in the world and has a very exciting life. We go to dog-school every week and is the star there as he is super fast with learning and very friendly with everybody and every dog.

He is also the new star of the police K9 unit here in Basel. The story is as follows: twice a week we have a dog walker. The lady has a key to our house and picks the dogs up and takes them for a walk. The lady happens to be the trainer for the K9 police-dog squadron and sometimes takes pepe along to the training ground. Of cours Pepe shall never be trained as police dog but he loves to be around the other dogs of his size and temper. One element of the training is "perfect walk" where the dogs have to walk along their master with the nose right at the knee and every turn the must follow. Annika (this is the namee of the dog walker) wanted to show how it is done propperly and guess who did it best: Pepe. All the super trained pure bread police dogs failed.


Another memorable story: We also were invited to a high school here where my wife is teaching. As part of a project in biology they wanted to expose people (of cours volunteers) to situations they are not used to. Everything was taped and recorded and then the people were interviewed about their feeling, fears etc. One part  of the experiment was a large empty room where onyl me and Pepe were. The people were asked to enter the room not knowing what to expect. It was amazing how different people reacted to Pepe. He did a great job by just standing there, waiting with his tail wagging. If the people wanted to interact with him he happily played with them and when they were afraid, he just turned around, came back to me and laied down. As if he exactly knew.


Of course one of the best things is his interaction with our baby (i have also attached a little movie). These two are so madly in love and are a constant source of laughter.


As you remember, Pepe had some problems with his digestion. After changing the food a few times, we now have found the perfect stuff for him and we also have this under controll.


The fact that sometimes a shoe or a sock is missing (and later found in the garden in one of his secret places) is a small price we happily pay (my wife has too many shoes anyway).


As you can see from the pictures, his favourite place is as close as possible to us despite the fact that he has about 3 different very nice dog beds througout the house.


So in summary: we are very so happy to have him and we would like to thank you all again for making this possible. I hope you are all well and i wish you and all your loved ones a wonderfull christmas and a happy new year. If there is anything we could support you with (for example something which is hard to get in Spain) let me know, i will happily try to support.


Kind regards, Clive